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Lawn Services

We get it, not everyone considers lawn care their main hobby like we do. So you go enjoy your kids’ ball games and a Saturday golfing trip. We will take care of the mowing, weed control, and trimming.

Time is your greatest resource. We give you more of it to enjoy.

And don’t worry, we know every property is different. So we give you the flexibility of choosing your own type of maintenance plan. You’re not locked into one particular plan like with the giant lawn care corporations. 

Call today and let us take some of your lawn maintenance chores off your busy hands.

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Gardening & Landscaping Services

Your yard is your oasis. An ever-evolving one for sure. 

To keep you from being overwhelmed with too many landscaping options (you’re not on an unrealistic HGTV reality show), we can guide you in the best direction.

A lifetime of experience in the landscaping world makes it easy for us to find solutions that homeowners may never envision. And often, the simplest landscaping solution or concept is the most elegant.

Zononi Lawn & Landscape can handle common tasks like weeding, pruning, or bark mulching. What homeowner likes doing those green chores on their day off anyway? 

As for major projects involving renovation, installation, and planting, we can really take on that workload for you. There’s not much we haven’t seen over the years when it comes to moving dirt, creating patios perfect for watching sunsets, or transforming a backyard into the go-to spot for tailgating.

Let us know what you have in mind for your landscape. We will be just as excited to get going on your project as you. Landscaping is not only our craft, you might as well say creating beautiful landscapes is what we do for fun. It is our creative outlet.

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Local Business, Family Owned & Operated

Our business serves the local community. Naturally, we choose other local businesses to serve our needs as well. 

The green industry has evolved since the early beginnings of Zononi Lawn & Landscape. We’ve kept pace over the years by never resting only on yesterday’s knowledge, but by adapting with the times also. Our business grows because we make time for “watering” it with new techniques, technology, and a personal touch.

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